Cvr Exit Device

Cvr Exit Device

Concealed Vertical Rod Exit For 3 ft Alum. Door, UL listed, ANSI Grade 1

Solid metal end caps, Compact design, Anodized aluminum finish.


Sleek and attractive, the 3600 is ANSI Grade 1 (500,000 cycles) and UL listed. These devices are made for tough, high traffic conditions.  The slim, compact design enables mounting on narrow stile doors up to 4 feet wide and 9 feet tall.



Series 3600 Concealed Vertical Rod Device Specification Exit Device shall be First Choice Building Products series 3600 Concealed Vertical Rod Narrow Stile model utilizing a low profile touch bar projecting less than three inches (3”) from the face of the door. The device shall use 3/8” steel vertical rods operating hardened steel latch bolts with the top latch engaging a stainless steel, top jamb mounted strike with rotational adjustment for proper door alignment. The bottom latch will be spring powered to ensure engagement with the threshold. The device shall be active the full length between door stiles and mount to the door using metal covers and end caps and require no more than 2” width of door stile. The device push bar and base shall be 6063, T-6 hardened aluminum in anodized finishes. the device shall be capable of operation by external key cylinder with Night Latch or Hold Back settings. The device shall be capable of disengagement by single point, quarter turn dogging.


Durable anodized finishes and high performance coatings on solid metal end caps