Portal Pac

Portal Pac

Box w/power supply & controller. One portal pac can manage up to 2 Doors.

Dual voltage selection 12/24VDC. Supplied W/battery back up circuit.


SERIES 800 10-800 / 11-800 Controller

The Detex 10-800 and 11-800 are universal logic and power supply controllers that allow for total control over all electrified hardware. The controller receives input from a switch, access control or any dry contact device and processes it into the desired output. One controller can manage applications for up to two doors, such as standard egress, delayed egress and interlocks. All connections for local or remote signaling are contained in one box. The 10-800 and 11-800 logic controllers provide at least 2A of DC power at the door. A battery backup/charging circuit is standard with each controller to deliver an uninterrupted source of power for up to 4 hours (battery sold separately).

    Technical Information:

• 110VAC input

• 12 or 24 VDC output, 2A

• Lock Relay 2A

• Remote Relay 2A

• Controls 2 doors within 100 feet using 18ga stranded wires

• Bolt Position /Door Position Switches Relay 2A

• Local Alarm Relay 5A


• Central terminal connections provide easy wiring

• Inline fuse protects against power surges

• Designed specifically to support electric locks, access control systems and delayed egress systems

• Multiple fire alarm relay input options assure compliance various life safety codes

• On/Off switch allows for easy service and inspection


• Power supply and controller all in one box

• Controls up to 2 separate doors for standard egress or 2-door interlock applications

• 1 controller required for each independent delayed egress application

• Output relays for locks, local alarm and remote alarms

• Relays may be configured to wet or dry connections

• Status LED's toggle on or off for easy troubleshooting

• Connections are labeled with either numbering scheme or label with text to identify circuits

• Single AC line voltage required to activate

• Dual voltage selection (12/24VDC)

• 9VDC, 100mA output terminal tap

• Fuse protection

• Battery backup circuit - standard

• Other Models include:

            30-800* - Surface box – Zinc plated, lid and Series 800 controller

            31-800* - Flat mount plate and Series 800 controller

            40-800* - Same as 11-800 without Transformer

            41-800* - Same as 10-800 without transformer

            50-800* - Series 800 controller only, no box * requires low voltage source

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