Rim Exit Device with monitor Switch

Rim Exit Device with monitor Switch

V40EI device option is designed for doors that require a means of switching

when someone depresses the push pad on the panic device.


The Electric Integration device, designed for applications where electric integration is required, provides the customer with a means of integration to new or existing systems, including the Detex Series 800 Logic Controller.



The customer may select from these components to integrate and create different functions from the single product package. This variety of components offers an alarm to sound, monitor the latch bolt position and/or pushpad when depressed, signals a remote panel by key switch operation when activated from inside or outside authorization, and offers 2 LED's to enhance required functions. The operation of switches will open or close (SPDT) to integrate with digital video recorders, remote alarms, strobe lights, or commence the cycle in a separate delayed egress system.


Available with 628 Base Rail

Extrusion (Std.)

Available with 711 Base Rail




• Detachable plug-in terminal strip

• Switch jumpers for NO/NC contacts

• Door Stile - Fits 2" narrow stile doors with NSK door kit

• Through-wire hinge or power transfer compatible

• Machine and Self Drilling Screws

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