Stand Alone Keypad

Stand Alone Keypad

500 users. 10-13VDC AND 12-24VAC operation. Built in sounder. 2 form

SPDT relay outputs. Single gang mounted. Backlit hardened keys.


The TA-1413-4 keypad from K.M. Thomas uses hardened backlit keys to insure long-term durability and high-quality performance.  TA-1413-4 keypads are designed for both indoor and outdoor flush mount applications.  The electronics for each keypad are sealed in the manufacturing process in order to provide this level of application flexibility. The TA-1413-4 can be used either stand-alone or as the front end of an online access control system (when used in Wiegand mode).  With the optional 8 relay expansion module the TA-1413-4 provides 10 programmable relays allowing incredible flexibility.



•500 Users
•Backlit hardened keys
•Polycarbonate trim
•Door position input
•Request to exit input
•2 form SPDT relay outputs
•Optional 8 SPDT relay board
•Built in sounder
•Many user types including Single Use and Dual Code
•10-13VDC and 12-24VAC operation
•Over/Under-Voltage protection
•Programmable Wiegand formats
•Single gang mounted
•Interior and exterior mountable
•Operating temperature:                           
-20F (-28C) to 130F (54C)
4.5” x 2.75” x 0.60”
•2 year warranty



Power Supply 12/24DC 1AMP
Comes with two 12VDC / 24VDC class 2 rated...