Switching Network

Switching Network

Switching network is an economical door interface relay.



 CAMDEN DOOR CONTROLS CX-SA-1 switching network is an economical door interface relay. Relay 1 has an adjustable delay on release of 0 - 30 seconds. Relay 2 has a delay on operate of 0 – 30 seconds, and delay on release of 0 – 30 seconds.


The SA-1 has been designed for high reliability and ease of use. Adjustments are made via simple yet effective potentiometers combined with precise dip switch adjustment. The Form C relay outputs are rated at 2 amps @ 28V DC. Red LED’s confirm the relay status.

The momentary trigger input ensures that should an input (switch) ever stick closed, the unit will time out, thereby allowing the door to close and lock, enhancing security.

A simple dip switch change converts operation for a maintained input and output.

A further setting allows the input when activated to toggle output relay #2, or toggle both relays 1 and 2.


 The SA-1 switching network is ideal for (de)energizing an electric strike (or electromagnet) then, after an adjustable time, activating an automatic door operator. It is also suitable for other timing functions such as door sequencing in one direction, or anywhere a high quality timing relay is required.

For smoke evac (fire door) application, a jumper change allows an extended trigger to send a maintained signal to the operator. The latching mode function can be used on industrial doors, or computer room doors.