Latch Retraction Kit

Latch retraction kit, LR100VDK, 602RF and PT5.


LR100VDK kit, includes the latch retraction, 1amp power supply and the power transfer.


The SDC LR100 Series Electric Latch Retraction Kit enables electric access control and dogging of mechanical exit devices. When energized the motor retracts the exit device latch and pulls the push pad into the dogged (depressed) position enabling momentary or sustained push and pull operation of the door. The latch retraction mechanism may be activated by an access control, remote control device or building automation system. The exit device always provides uninhibited egress.

SDC Access Control Power Supply (602RF) and Charger, Selectable 12/24VDC, 1 Amp, Emergency Release Input, Low Battery Disconnect, 12" x 12" x 4" Cabinet, UL, Class 2


SDC Heavy Duty Power Transfer(PT5) Device, Concealed Mortise Mount, UL Listed Miscellaneous Fire Door Accessory, UL 10C Positive Pressure Compliant and UBC 7-2 Fire Test for Door Assemblies Compliant