Square Push Button

Square Push Button

4-1/2 inch square stainless steel door operator switch. SPDT momentary

switch with handicap symbol, push to open.


 Door operator switches require minimal actuation force and meet ADA standards. Constructed from stainless steel or solid brass, with a choice of faceplate designs and finishes. All models feature Thomas's exclusive buffed finish, durable 4 stud switch mount design, rubber dampers for smoother actuation and quiet operation.  


• Special Finishes
• Custom Engraving upon Request
• 2 Pole, Double Throw (D.P.D.T.)
• Weather Resistant Capability
• Wireless Remote Operation
• Pneumatic Capabilities (PN)



TA-8100 Series 4 1/2" Square Door Operator Switch Dependable and Responsive

Easy to Install
Single Pole Double Throw (S.P.D.T.) momentary switch has 3/4" (19mm) mounting depth
Quality Snap-Action Devices require Minimal Actuation Force, within A.D.A. requirements
Compatible with single gang and 2 gang boxes
Can be ordered for Pneumatic Operation (PN)

Power Supply 12/24DC 1AMP
Comes with two 12VDC / 24VDC class 2 rated...