Advantex exit device, with ER

Advantex exit device, with ER

The 10 series rim exit device is super heavy duty panic, with ER

electric latch retraction.


The 10 Series rim exit device is super-heavy-duty panic and fire exit hardware for use on all types of single and double doors with mullions. The patented mounting plate and strike locator system ensures the easiest and most accurate installation of panic hardware available.


Electric Latch Retraction (ER)

The Electric Latch Retraction (ER) function is designed for entrance and exit doors with panic or fire exit hardware where remote unlocking, remote dogging, access control or automatic door operator is desired. An optional EX switch may be added to pushpad monitoring.



• Tested beyond 1,000,000 cycles - Twice the cycling required for

Grade 1 UL testing

• All exposed surfaces are finished over stainless steel with PVD, an environmentally-friendly finishing process

• Heavy-duty angled end-cap deflects damage away from device

• Non-handed

• Field sizeable

• 1/8 turn hex or cylinder dogging

• Patented mounting plate and strike locator system replaces paper templates

• Stainless steel deadlocking, Pullman-type latch bolt



• Tough and durable design for years of trouble-free service in high-use, high-abuse environments

• Fast and accurate installation

• Minimal door prep saves time and money

• Outside trims are easily changed or re-keyed without removing device from door



Technical Information:

• Door Types - Wood, Hollow Metal, Fiberglass or Aluminum

• Door Thickness - Fits standard 1-3/4" - 2-1/4" doors (for other door thicknesses contact factory)

• Minimum Stile - 4-5/8" with standard 99 strike; 4-1/8" with optional 98 strike

• Fasteners - Machine and Self- Drilling Screws standard

Box w/power supply & controller. One...