Narrow Keypad/Prox Rdr - 2pc

Narrow Keypad/Prox Rdr - 2pc

Digital Keypad with Prox Reader 12/24 VAC/DC with Prox Reader with



924P Digital Keypad with Prox Reader 12/24 VAC/DC with Prox Reader with Controller



The SDC 924P EntryCheck™ are indoor/outdoor stand-alone digital keypads with Prox Reader and Controller (2-piece configuration), designed to control access of a single entry point with up to 500 users. Each user is assigned a proximity card and/or a personal identification number (PIN). Presentation of a proximity card or keypad entry of a code activates one or both of the output relays which releases an electric door lock.



• Weather Resistant

• Heavy Cast Vandal Resistant Housing

• Heavy Cast Metal Blue Backlit Keys

• Keypad Programmable

• 500 Users, Prox card and/or PIN Codes

• 4 Outputs, 2 Relay and 2 Solid State Outputs Timed or Latching (On/Off)

• Assign Entry to Relays 1 and/or 2

• LED Status: Access, Lockout

• Tactile Keys with Selectable Audible Levels for Key Depression or Output Activation

• Timed Anti-Passback, Anti-Tailgate

• Keypad Tamper Lockout

• Request-to-Exit/Enter Input

• Choice of Door Sense/Relay Inhibit Input Functions; Forced Entry, Door Ajar, or Inhibit

Relay 1 or 2, Auto Relock When Door Closes

• Choice of 2 Solid State Outputs Functions; Alarm Shunt, Forced Entry, Door Ajar,

Tamper Lockout or Keypad Active



3 User Modes:

• PIN or Card

• Card Only

• Card and PIN

HID-Compatible (125kHz-RFID)