K.M. Thomas Company Limited offers increased discounts to large accounts, resellers and installing dealers.  A minimum level of purchases per year must be achieved to receive best possible pricing.   Any customer wishing to join our dealer program must have an active web account with a purchase history totaling at least $2500.00 during the previous 12 month period.


Dealer pricing is determined by K.M. Thomas assigned discounts which the dealer applies to price lists found through the "Dealer Login" below.  Dealers discounts do not apply to the prices posted on the K.M. Thomas eCommerce site.  The prices shown on the K.M. Thomas eCommerce site are net prices for direct online purchases only.

Please call customer service at 1-416-798-0611, or email if you are interested in setting up a business account.

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Exciting New Products! 


- Everlast Plastic Thresholds

- Arte Viva, Finger Protection Products

- Universal Washroom Locking Systems

- Iris Recognition Reader



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Mortise Lock complete with...
Electra Pro Cylindrical Lock...
Electra Pro Cylindrical lock...