Corner guard pencil

Corner guard pencil

Corner Guard Deluxe Pencil


Corner guard for walls

The playful design of the Corner Guard Deluxe Pencil makes this corner protector a true eye-catcher. This weatherproof pencil is the ideal corner guard for schools, kindergartens and playgrounds.



A fall against a sharp edge or corner easily results in a visit to the doctor. Avoid nasty injuries by protecting dangerous corners and edges with the Corner Guard Pencil.

Arte Viva’s corner guards prevent serious injuries when children stumble and bump into a sharp edge or corner. Corner protection is indispensable at elementary schools, children’s playgrounds and indoor playgrounds.

The advantages of our corner guards: 

  • for schools, kindergartens and playgrounds
  • for indoor and outdoor use (weatherproof)
  • dimensions: 100 x 7 x 7 cm
  • weight corner guard: 530 grams
  • resistant from -20 to +80° Celsius
  • made of polyurethane integral foam with closed skin
  • easy to attach with MS Polymer (order separately)
  • protects corners and edges
  • bite-resistant, EN71 standard
  • quick installation