Child Safe Mirror

Child Safe Mirror

Child-safe mirrors are the safe choice for giving a clear and open feeling to schools and childcare centers


Child Safe Mirror


Children experience and discover their bodies in the first crucial years of their development. Our different child-friendly mirrors for childcare centers are highly reflective and unbreakable: The large Child Safety Mirror is perfect for children to look at themselves and can be combined individually to meet your needs. This baby mirror with rounded corners is safe to use in any environment where children play. The static self-adhesive stickers give the mirrors a cheerful appearance and attract the attention of the children without leaving marks on the surface.


The benefits of our child-proof mirrors:

Safe alternative to traditional glass mirrors

pedagogical instrument and addition interior

Childproof material with rounded corners

Impact-resistant and highly reflective

suitable for almost every room

Gives rooms a bright and open feeling

Also for toilet areas

Easy installation with screws

(not included)



60 x 50 cm

23.5 x 19.5”