Pole and wall protector

Pole and wall protector

The Arte Viva pole and wall protector is a shock-absorbing pole and wall protector that prevents injury when children bump or fall while playing.


Pole and wall protector

This wall and pole protector is characterized by its child-friendly and ribbed design that makes walls, posts and columns at childcare centers easy for children with the flexible protection.


A collision with a wall or pillar while playing can lead to annoying injuries. The soft material of these flexible pole protectors absorbs the most severe shocks, reducing accidental injuries. In an environment where children play, we always have the danger of an incident, a fall, a blow, so our pole protector is an excellent solution to prevent this.

It is the responsibility of Arte Viva and all caregivers of children to prevent these unpleasant incidents from happening as a hard collision against a wall. Our wall and pole protectors (Pillar / Wall Guard) is a flexible solution to prevent this from happening at schools, children's centers and sports locations.



200 x 100 x 2 cm

The advantages of our wall and pole protectors:

Prevents injury from bumping or falling

shock-absorbing pole and wall protection

Available in 2 colors: blue and light gray

Easy to install

Suitable for children's centers, schools, home and sports facilities