Table corner guards

Table corner guards

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Corner protectors
Corner Guard Table

Corner protection for tables

You want to protect children from sharp corners on a table? The Corner Guard Table is a simple solution to prevent injuries from falling or bumping into tables creating a child safe table with table corner protection. 


Mount these transparent table corner protection easily with 3M tape on plastic, glass, wooden and metal tables. Both consumers and professionals create a child safe environment by installing the Corner Guard corner bumpers on sharp-edged tables.

Every year injuries caused by falls against sharp table corners and table edges cause painful moments for many children. These type of injuries can be avoided easily by using our Corner Guard Table. Tables have sharp corners which may create a potential dangerous situation for children. Prevent this by using our table corner protection and create a child friendlier and safer playing environment for children.


Set of 4 

Diameter 1.5" (3.8cm )


The advantages of our table corner protection:


child safe table corner


mount on plastic, glass, wood and metal


easy fix

avoid injuries from falling or crashing


corner protection for tables