Universal Accessible Washroom kit

Universal Accessible Washroom kit

Universal Accessible WashroomElectronic Locking System Kit




This K.M. Thomas electronic locking system allows for accessibility into and out of the washroom by persons with or without physical disabilities. In the event of an emergency a “Call for Assistance” system can be activated to request help.




-Door is normally closed and unlocked.

-The door can be manually opened or automatically opened via the exterior handicap actuator.-Once a user has entered the washroom they can lock the door via the "push to lock" button which will lock the electric strike, disable outside handicap actuator, and prevent automatic door operator from opening door. The "locked" indicator next to "push to lock" button and exterior "occupied" indicator will be on.

-Exit is always free by inside handicap actuator or by opening door manually, "locked" and "occupied" indicators will turn off

.-In case of emergency the user can push the TA-3241-EP-LED push button which will activate visual and audible signals inside and outside of the washroom. Alarm is reset at the TA-3241-EP-LED switch.

-Emergency access into washroom by using key in outside lever handle.

Kit includes the following:


1 TA-2902-UWCRW       Washroom Controller

1 TA-2501                      Power Supply

1 TA-3411-OC                 Occupied Indicator

1 TA-3411-LK                Locked Indicator

2 TA-2707                     Horn/strobe

1 TA-3241-EP-LED       Emergency Push button

1 TA-EXS-PCFA            Emergency sign

1 TA-3270-PTL              Push to lock button

1 TA-4103                      Door position switch

1                Lever storeroom lock by others

1 TA-5665                     Electric strike

1 TA-DTA019-1            Low energy door operator

2 TA-8136                      Actuator switch

Hinge 4.5 x 4
Satin chrome five knuckle hinge.